development and production of charging,
supplying and rectifying technology

mechanical engeneering, surface treatment

Electronic development and production

Microprocessor controlled chargers and back-up power supplies for all battery types.

High current switched rectifiers HFG with current up to 4000A and thyristor rectifiers THG with current up to do 30kA.

Switchboards of all sorts. Accessories for chargers.

Mechanical enginering

From the smallest box to the big cubicle. High quality and competitive prices is our goal.

We process production documentation in Autocad and Fabriwin - we take the drawings in digital form.

We offer silkscreen !

Surface treatment

Final treatment of aluminum surfaces by grinding, sandblasting and eloxing.

Grinding and sandblasting with ballotini, colored surfaces.

Constant quality and speed for competitive prices.

Technical support

Service for all the products we manufacture.

Service is provided by our network of service technicians and service representatives throughout the Czech Republic.

The requirements for service provides our sales department.

We make our products matching your needs

Eprona is a significant producer of electronics devices used in different industrial areas. The quality production is monitored by the certified quality control system ISO.

Brand EPRONA represents an intelligent charging and power systems characterized by the latest technologies and innovations. EPRONA is a traditional manufacturer of battery chargers, power supplies and rectifiers, bringing you - our customers - more than half a century of experience in this field, service throughout the territory of the Czech Republic and the EU, advice and customized solutions according to your needs.


Charger HFR48
Charger HFR48
Charger NB8
Charger NB8
Backup supply ELPOS 1
Backup supply ELPOS 1
Charger Fj45
Charger Fj45
Mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering
Charging module HFM-D
Charging module HFM-D
Surface treatment
Surface treatment

EPRONA, a.s.

What we offer

  • individual visitation in your company
  • service of our products in the whole Czech republic by our service engineers and service representatives
  • direct sale for retail prices to a private persons and wholesalers as well
  • custom solution and cooperation on your projects
  • our eloxal plant is prepared for your products

Sales department

  • tel.: +420 481 549 174
  • fax: +420 481 549 172
  • mobil: +420 725 552 198
  • email:zalska@eprona.cz

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